Gulf celebrates 60 years of engineering excellence

Houston, Texas, March, 2015 – Last week, Gulf Interstate Engineering (Gulf) released A Remarkable Odyssey: The Sixty Year Adventure of Gulf Interstate Engineering. The book chronicles the company’s formation in 1953 as a subsidiary of Gulf Interstate Gas Company and travels through the next sixty years. Throughout each decade, Gulf has faced the challenges of the ever-changing energy landscape, but has always stayed true to its roots of pipeline engineering.

When asked why the book came to be written, Gulf President and CEO Doug Evans said, “This book is a story told in words and pictures, but also told from memories – the memories of the people who have been here almost from the beginning and of those who have come since. It is the people, the heart of the company, that have enabled Gulf not just to survive, but to succeed for all these years. This is their history too, and it needed to be preserved.”

Today, Gulf provides project management, engineering and design, materials management, and construction management services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. The company’s repeated success on large and small scale projects around the world illustrates how much Gulf has grown since the Gulf Interstate Gas Pipeline Project. To date, Gulf has performed services on challenging projects like the East West Gas Pipeline Project in India; Camisea Natural Gas and NGL Transportation System in Peru; PGT/PG&E Expansion Project in California; and the Rockies Express Pipeline originating in Colorado. But Gulf’s success does not stop there. With current projects like the Constitution Pipeline Project, Sabal Trail Transmission, and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, the future has never looked brighter for Gulf Interstate Engineering.

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Founded in 1953, Gulf has grown to become one of the world’s leading international project management and engineering companies. Gulf is an ISO certified company, specializing in the design of pipelines, pump and compressor stations, production facilities, storage facilities and terminals. For more information, visit our web site at

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