PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion

Pacific Gas Transmission-Pacific Gas and Electric

PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion


  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering & Design
  • Procurement Services


  • 12 Station retrofits that included the addition of 350,000 HP of gas turbine compression
  • Station piping, control and automation systems
  • 725 miles of 42-inch and 110 miles of 36-inch loops
  • 25 directionally drilled river crossings, 10 railroad crossings, 23 major highway crossings

Gulf often finds itself involved with the world's largest pipeline projects, and in 1990, Gulf began work on the (then) largest pipeline project in the U.S.-the PGT-PG&E natural gas pipeline reaching 830 miles from the U.S.-Canada border in Idaho to southern California. This large diameter gas transportation system (42-inch and 36-inch) requires 12 compressor stations, with a combined output of more than 350,000 horsepower, to move 755 million cubic feet of gas per day to West coast markets. The expansion project looped the existing pipeline system, built in the 1960s, and increased the capacity of the 12 original stations with a combination of replacing aged units and installing new units. The route of the pipeline encountered 25 major rivers that were crossed by directional drilling, and hundreds of road and other crossings, including 10 railroads and 23 major highways.

Gulf's engineering and procurement services covered conceptual design of the expanded system and the detailed engineering of the pipeline loops and the modifications and additions at the 12 compressor stations. This complex expansion project required modifications to a multitude of existing drawings and documents and generated over 3,500 new construction drawings, some 7,000 documents related to equipment and materials procurement and countless studies, calculations, reports and other pieces of information. Document management was therefore a critical requirement.


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