Kern River 2003 Expansion Project

Williams Gas Pipeline

Kern River 2003 Expansion Project


  • Preliminary Engineering
  • FERC Application Support
  • Coordination of Field Activities
  • Detailed Engineering and Design
  • Project Management
  • Procurement


  • 712 miles miles of looping the existing system
  • A grassroots, 8,000-10,000 HP electric motor drive compressor station.
  • Compression expansion includes 9 stations; additional 15,000 HP Solar Mars 100 turbine compressor trains and auxillary equipment at the existing Fillmore and Veyo stations; and installation of single 15,000 HP combustion turbine driven compressor trains and new station facilities at the new Dry Lake and the existing Good Springs stations.
  • 5 meter stations modifications.

Gulf provided project management, engineering and procurement services on the Kern River Expansion Project.

The Kern River Gas Transmission system was owned by Williams Gas Pipeline at the time of the contract; it was subsequently acquired by the Kern River Gas Transmission Company. The expansion was initiated as a response to the 2001 energy crisis in the state of California with a long term goal to double the amount of natural gas transported in the existing 926-mile pipeline system. The project involved installation of temporary emergency action facilities to satisfy the immediate need for energy carriers in the state followed by the overall expansion of the system which included modification and addition of compression and metering facilities, and installation of pipeline looping of 712 miles adjacent to the existing gas transportation system.

The expansion project was completed in July 2003, leaving the pipeline with the capacity to transport 1.73 Bcf/d of natural gas, an increase of 906 MMcf/d. This expansion provides new access for gas producers in Wyoming and Utah to premium markets in the West and serves 6,000 MW of new electric power generation facilities.


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